What is Plastic Extrusion?

Posted on: May 18, 2020

Plastics extrusion, in a basic technical definition, is the transformation of a solid plastic mass into a shape that can be used as produced or converted into usable products.

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Plastic Extrusion & What It Does

Custom Profiles Incorporated creates extruded plastic products that are generally components of other manufactured products. Our company is not a generic supply house that provides small quantities of typical off-the-shelf stock items. Most of the extruded parts we make are either customer- or industry-specific and are released in relatively larger quantities.

We warehouse stock parts for some customers, but the majority of our products are run-to-ship items produced to satisfy customers’ just-in-time requirements. We often function as an extension of our valued customers’ production scheduling team, shipping parts based on their process projections and schedule requirements directly to their manufacturing lines, in spec and on time, every time.

How Does Plastic Extrusion Work?

Plastic extrusion is a continuous process of converting a solid plastic mass, pellet, or powder into a melted form where it is pushed through a die into a shape. The shape is moved through secondary operations where it’s cooled, cut, and coiled. Extrusion is broken into specific sub-processes which are:

  • Sheet
  • Blown
  • Cast film
  • Profile
  • Pipe
  • Pelletizing

Custom Plastic Extrusion Services

Custom Profile Incorporated’s plastic extrusion machines can handle most any plastic request. We work with high-quality engineering resins and general-purpose plastic materials to ensure your product or part meets all temperature, durability, and flexibility requirements.

For custom plastic extrusion products and services from Custom Profiles, call us at 229-423-2929 or contact us online.

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