The key to part performance and cost efficiency is matching the right material to the right application. Custom Profiles can extrude the material you need for your application and we will do so to exact standards. Please visit our General Purpose Plastic Materials and Engineered Resins & Specialty Materials pages for listings of some of the thermoplastic materials we extrude.

Custom Profiles can also perform a large number of fabrication and value-added processes. These include dual-durometer and tri-extrusion, cross-heading, capstock, printing, embossing, drilling, miter-cutting, tape, and adhesive application, and others. Please don’t hesitate to call CPI for help with your materials and application planning.

The Right Material For The Right Application!

General Purpose Plastic Materials

Our profiles can be extruded from general-purpose plastic materials that will produce sturdy and cost-efficient parts to meet your manufacturing and product needs.

Engineered Resins & Specialty Materials

Trust Custom Profiles Inc. to produce extruded plastic parts for your specific product and industry – throughout the entire U.S. Engineering resins can produce sturdy and efficient parts to meet your product needs.

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At Custom Profiles Incorporated, we are dedicated to taking care of each and every one of our customers. We want to make sure all of your extruded plastic needs are met with 100% satisfaction. We use cutting-edge technology in order to create the exact type of extruded product you need. We are excited to start working with you soon!

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