Plastic Extrusion Design & Tooling

Our engineers at Custom Profiles Incorporated have the expertise to help design the specific parts you need with great efficiency and affordable cost. Whether your project is just in the design phase or ready for production, our engineers will ensure that your custom extruded parts are designed properly.

Whatever your custom extrusion requirement is, our team at Custom Profiles Inc. will bring your concept to life. Contact us online or call us at 229-423-2929 for extruded plastic design and tooling services.

Plastic Extrusion Design Services

The outcome and success of custom plastic extrusion start with a well-engineered design. The material used, as well as the manufacturing of the plastic profile extrusion, plays an essential part in how the product is designed.

At Custom Profiles Inc., our plastic extrusion expertise, as well as our manufacturing experience and practice, provides our clients the necessary assistance in satisfying design criteria.

No matter whether you are still in the idea phase of your project or have an initial model prepared, our engineers will help make your concept take shape. Our custom plastic extrusion design engineers are able to assist you in developing top-quality, exact engineered custom plastic extruded parts.

Plastic Extrusion Tooling Services

In addition to a well-engineered design and selection of the ideal material, a quality plastic extrusion project requires the correct extrusion tooling. Custom tooling for your extruded product is designed and developed by our experienced engineers. This tooling allows us to manufacture the top-quality custom plastic extrusion for any industry.

Choose Custom Profiles for Plastic Extrusion Design & Tooling

Custom Profiles Incorporated is one of the country’s top plastic extrusion companies, specializing in top-quality engineered plastic extruded products. In addition to providing custom plastic extrusion, our engineers also offer expert plastic extrusion design and tooling services for almost any industry.

In need of our design and tooling services for your custom plastic extrusion needs? Contact Custom Profiles Inc. online or call our team at 229-423-2929 today.

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